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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, France

Tropical Parc Admission Ticket

Tropical Parc Admission Ticket  - Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, France

Duration: 1 to 4 hrs
Location: Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, France

From USD

Welcome to Tropical Park, it will make you travel to the world of wildlife and tropical flora in St. Jacut les Pins in Morbihan ... More info ›

Welcome to Tropical Park, it will make you travel to the world of wildlife and tropical flora in St. Jacut les Pins in Morbihan.

Tropical Parc is a leisure park located between Rennes, Vannes and Nantes, invites you to discover its tropical plants and gardens, its wild and exotic animals, its dinosaure and parrot park and its amazing show.
Come and experience a unique adventure with your family in the heart of an 11-acre park and an 1000m² greenhouse and air-conditioned galleries.

You will be able to experience different thematic gardens such as:

The Jurassic Garden;
A unique garden in France! Discover the prehistoric period and the animated dinosaurs dotted around the Jurassic garden, the most spectacular garden in Tropical Parc.

Thai Garden
It will transport you to the Siam Kingdom with Buddhas and white marble lions guarding the temples.

The Mexican Garden:
Here you are in the heart of the Mexican desert with ghostly horizons worthy of a cowboy film, landscapes of sand dunes, a land of light in the heart of the Breton wild west!

The African Garden:
Head for Africa ! What is more surprising than discovering bunches of bananas or pineapples in season (June-July to be consumed in August) in the heart of Brittany?

The Australian Garden
New since 2014 : an Australian farm An old barn with farming tools, an old tractor, farming equipment, a rusty old wind turbine which slowly turns in the wind... welcome to the Australian bush!

The Indonesian Garden:
An exotic universe which will take you to the boundaries of Indonesia with constructions made entirely from bamboo. Here, the zen atmosphere is ideal for contemplation and poetry.

The Orchid Greenhouse: 
Located under the branches of a realistic tropical forest, rebuilt with a waterfall and stream, are magnificent Thai and South American orchids, recreated in their natural living environment. 

The Asian Greenhouse:
Explore the continent of Asia within the surroundings of a Buddhist temple and admire the bonsai trees - between 6 and 90 years old - as well as examples of Asian craft industries.

The Cactus Greenhouse:
Within a desert environment discover the world of South American cacti, the rich vegetation of Africa and Madagascar and the giant 100 year old cacti standing over 5 meters tall.

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